Prague in red helped handicapped!

26. 6. 2018

Fun and experiences, exactly in that spirit, was carried on Saturday 23 June. As part of the Prague in Red event, ecology, a responsible approach to the environment and the people around us have been reunited. At the red ASEKOL stand, visitors could take their little electro into a red container for ecological disposal, a new mobile phone contest, or a range of activities for kids that could have tried, for example, a microwave oven. There was also an unconventional slalom with a red dustbin and photocouple.

Besides the events at the red stand, ASEKOL can be seen on the main stage, where Dana Ducheckova, the spokesperson of the not-for-profit company ASEKOL, took over the check for ten thousand Czech crowns to Prague-Královice. The award for the highest yield of small electric power collection in the first half of 2018 was due to Královice thanks to more than 400 kilos of waste electrical and electronic waste.