Schools involved in the Recyklohraní programme have collected 134,4 tons of obsolete electrical appliances and 105,5 tons of batteries!

1. 8. 2022

ASEKOL is a long-standing partner of the Recyklohraní programme, otherwise known as Clean up the World. This project was launched in 2008 and the aim is to inform and education nursery, elementary and secondary school pupils and students all over the Czech Republic about environmental problems and the importance of recycling. Interesting environment-related tasks are announced throughout the school year. Teachers can use ‘Eco-alphabet’ teaching materials in their lessons, including various practical assignments, quizzes and a range of different themed games. Involvement in the programme and collection schemes is a fun way of giving children personal experience in returning batteries and small electronic devices.

All the campaigns stress teaching children the need to sort and recycle. “Thanks to the awareness raised by this campaign, pupils and students know that recycling batteries and electronics gives us secondary raw materials containing metals that can be reused to make new products. By doing so, we protect nature against the unnecessary extraction of minerals. We also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save electricity, oil and water,“ adds Hana Ansorgová, Recyklohraní director.

During the past school year schools involved in the Recyklohraní programme collected 134,4 tons of obsolete electrical appliances and 105,5 tons of batteries to be recycled. The most were collected by pupils from the Ronov nad Doubravou Elementary School, where they sorted an impressive 1 830 kilogrammes for recycling! The most active pupils in collecting of batteries were those from the Velké Březno, Elementary School in the Ústí nad Labem Region, who collected 2 735 kilogrammes!

Thank you to all the schools, pupils and teachers involved for their efforts as part of this programme, congratulations on your excellent results, and we look forward to continuing in the next school year! 🙂