1. 2. 2023

ASEKOL has long succeeded in fulfilling all its clients’ legal obligations, thus consolidating its position as the market leader among compliance schemes every year. ASEKOL met the total e-waste collection quota again in 2022, including the individual sub-quotas according to the applicable legislation.

Overall for 2022, it collected a record 55.5 thousand tonnes of e-waste, representing 66.7% of the quota. According to an LCA analysis of the environmental accounting, this amount represents an environmental saving equivalent to almost 200 thousand tonnes of CO2! If converted to MWh, this is a saving of 267 thousand MWh, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about 90,000 households!

In 2022, among other things, the legislation was amended and new quotas were set for individual groups. Specifically, these were Group 1 – heat exchange equipment, Group 2 – TVs and monitors, and Group 3 – light sources. This change represented a new challenge for all compliance schemes, which ASEKOL managed not only to successfully achieve, but even to surpass. As regards the sub-categories, the following results have been achieved in the fulfilment of the quota (the target is set at 65%):

-Group 1 – 69.6%

-Group 2 – 72.2 %

-Group 3 – 65.2%.

Strict targets and incremental changes can only be met through a broadly contracted and stable collection network that grows every year. This includes collection yards, red containers, take-back points at manufacturers and retailers, collection bins in companies and institutions, and mobile collections. ASEKOL operates compliance schemes in 3 countries, while in the Czech Republic alone it has more than 17.5 thousand take-back sites, where citizens can hand in old electrical appliances. The aforementioned red street containers are available for the collection of small electrical items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – more information can be found at

The ASEKOL compliance scheme appreciates the long-term cooperation with all those partners who have made it possible for us to achieve these outstanding results over the long term. We would also like to thank all those who set an example by sorting e-waste or help to spread awareness and thus jointly play a part in the circular economy.