7. 12. 2022

The ASEKOL compliance scheme values long-term cooperation with towns and regions that help collect e-waste. ASEKOL decided to recognise them for their excellent results and long-term efforts to raise awareness and promote the need to sort end-of-life electrical equipment!

As part of the gala evening held on December 1 in the Žofín Palace in Prague, on the occasion of ASEKOL’s 17-year anniversary, the most active regions and towns in the area of take-back of electrical equipment and raising awareness were announced in the results of the “Active Region” and “Active Town” competitions by the ASEKOL compliance scheme.

Based on the evaluation of the results of the “Active region” competition, the most active regions were awarded in two categories. The Vysočina Region received the award for raising awareness for e-waste sorting and recycling, and the Central Bohemian Region won the award for the largest quantity of collected electrical equipment! Both the regions received a prize of CZK 200,000 for their efforts.

In the “Active Town” competition Liberec won in the category of raising awareness of waste sorting and recycling while České Budějovice received the award for collecting the largest quantity of electrical equipment in convincing fashion. Both of these cities received a prize of CZK 150,000.

“We heartily congratulate all the winners and thank all the towns, cities and regions in the Czech Republic for their significant contributions towards sustainable development and the circular economy through their motivation to sort and collect e-waste,” added Mgr. Jan Vrba, Chairman of the ASEKOL’s Board of Directors.

It is a respected event that recognises the activity of regions and municipalities in the field of waste sorting and in particular e-waste with an educational and awareness-raising character. Both the “Active Region” and “Active Town” received patronage from the Ministry of the Environment, the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic and the Czech National Disability Council. The ASEKOL compliance scheme would like to thank all the entities who provided such patronage.

The festive evening was made possible thanks to the event’s partners: Weco-Travel s.r.o., OPRAVÁRNA s.r.o., IMAGE CARE s.r.o. (Le Premier tailored suits). The media partner is Optimal Solution Agency s.r.o. We thank all of the partners very much for their support.