The Bechyně Watchmaker’s Shop supports children’s home

30. 7. 2021

Every mobile phone counts as far as the ASEKOL Donate a Mobile Phone Project, which motivates companies and schools to recycle any old mobile phones, is concerned. The Bechyně Watchmaker’s Shop (Hodinářství Bechyně) has taken to this idea and did not hesitate to contact ASEKOL to express its interest in joining the project. “The recycling of old mobile phones is a matter of course to us. Thanks to the Donate a Mobile Phone Project, however, we can not only help the environment, but also children who need help.“, said Lenka Bechyňová, the executive director of the Bechyně Watchmaker’s Shop, in praise of the project.

The new mobile phone will find its way to the LETS GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE (DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s.) organisation which has long been helping children growing up in children’s homes. “We greatly appreciate our long-term cooperation with ASEKOL, thanks to which we have been able to donate a number of mobile telephones to one of the cooperating children’s homes. This time we are donating a mobile telephone to the children’s home in Hora Svaté Kateřiny and its recipient will be Daniel (14). Dan did not have a mobile phone and, after the death of his mother, it has become an important means of communicating with his adult sister.“, said Ditta Pospíchalová, one of the founders of LETS GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE organisation.

The Sales and Marketing Director at ASEKOL, Daniel Šafář, presented the new LG mobile telephone during a personal meeting. “We are very pleased to have been involved in a project that supports the recycling of old mobile telephones and at the same time assists charity organisations for 13 years.”, commented Daniel Šafář.

The recycling of mobile telephones is an integral part of CSR activities. According to the latest research, up to 8 million old mobile telephones are currently to be found in Czech households. The significance of sorting waste is demonstrated by the fact that 2340 litres of drinking water can be saved for every 100 recycled mobile telephones. This amount would fill an entire tanker! For more information about the project and the options for getting involved, visit