The prices for collecting small electric appliances were distributed in Hradec Králové

2. 6. 2018

The Hradec Králové Region together with the ASEKOL a.s. announced as part of the Clean village, Clean City, Clean Region Special Category for the collection of WEEE.

The price of the Hradec Králové Region and the ASEKOL Collective scheme is awarded for the highest achievement of the collection of small electric appliances, eg small household appliances, consumer electronics, medical devices or toys. In the category of municipalities of 2 000 inhabitants, the first place belongs to the village Lodín, in the category of municipalities from 2 000 to 5 000 inhabitants Rtyni in Podkrkonoší and among towns with more than 5 000 inhabitants won Česká Skalice.

A special prize was also awarded for the highest yield of electricity collection through red containers (per capita), which was acquired in 2017 by the towns of Nový Hrádek.

ASEKOL deployed 285 red containers to the Hradec Králové Region and does not intend to relieve its efforts. “Last year, we succeeded in distributing another fifty red stationary containers in the streets of Hradec Králové and now we will meet the demand of smaller towns. Competition in the competition will therefore be even higher and smaller municipalities have the chance “, says Karel Vítek, Regional Manager of ASEKOL for the Hradec Králové Region.