28. 12. 2021

Free repairs for defective electrical appliances. That is the main mission of a unique project that will take place in Opava on the first Saturday of every month until July 2022! 🙂

The Moravian-Silesian Region is cooperating on the event with the ASEKOL compliance scheme, the OPRAVÁRNA s.r.o. project and Charita Opava. “The region has long contributed to the correct treatment of electrical waste. It is a good thing that the amount of sorted electrical goods has been increasing year on year. However, we still have a long way to go and so it is appropriate to point out that hair-dryers, electric kettles and microwaves do not belong in regular dustbins. We want to send a message to people that it is not always necessary to discard a malfunctioning appliance, but that it can sometimes be repaired. This saves money and the environment,” said Zdenka Němečková Crkvenjaš, a Councillor for the Environment from the Moravian-Silesian Region.

What can be repaired?
“We will repair small electrical appliances such as electric kettles, irons and hair-dryers, but also televisions and microwaves. We will also repair washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers. However, people will have to bring them to us, as this project does not offer the option of our servicemen travelling to other sites. We are also able, for example, to repair any fitness equipment containing electronics. However, we will not be able to resolve any defective mobile telephones or tablets,” said Vojmír Wallin, a service technician at the OPRAVÁRNA before going on to explain that any small-scale repairs would be performed on site free of charge. The technician and the customer will reach an agreement on how to proceed in the case of any more demanding repairs that require more time or replacement parts.

The repair of the electrical equipment will take place by telephone arrangement with the REPAIR SHOP servicing technician: Vojmír Wallin: +420 234 235 510 480.

When and where?
Note: the event in January will take place on 8.1.2022! Otherwise, people can bring their malfunctioning electrical appliances to the Charita Opava sheltered workshops at Přemyslovců 3 from 9 am to 5 pm on the first Saturday of every month for free repair. The REPAIR SHOP will be based in the green container array in front of the facility  with the sheltered workshops.

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The event will take place on the following dates: 








Moreover, the project’s value added lies in the fact that, if an appliance cannot be repaired, people can deposit it at the workshop facility for ecological disposal and in doing so will support the work undertaken there by the handicapped people.