Watch the report video on how to mitigate the effects of e-waste and contribute to sustainability together!

9. 11. 2022

In 2050, the global population will reach 9 billion people, and efficient use of raw materials and resources is a must to ensure a sustainable future. Thus, there is an increasing pressure on the original nature and on the primary sources of raw materials. With an increasing consumption, e-waste has become one of the fastest growing types of waste.

How can we contribute to sustainable development together and how can be old turned into new? This issue is accurately explained by Daniel Šafář, Sales & Marketing Director of the ASEKOL company, in the report video below. Dan explains the importance of e-waste sorting, and you will also learn more about the end-of-life cycle of the electrical appliance from being thrown into the red container, through the recycling process, to the outputs of the recycling process. 🙂