We are celebrating International E-Waste Day with an exhibition at Signal Festival!

14. 10. 2023

Today, to mark International E-Waste Day, we are again highlighting the importance of sorting, collecting and recycling end-of-life electrical appliances and our responsibility towards the environment.  Electrical waste is one of the fastest growing waste categories in the world, and through proper recycling and sustainable technologies we can considerably reduce the adverse impact it has on our planet. ♻️

Join us in celebrating this important day, which is all about sustainability and responsible e-waste management, at the Signal Festival! ASEKOL is a partner of the Axis Mundi art installation, which forms part of the Signal Festival and embodies the artist’s idea of how energy sources are interconnected. The exhibition symbolically connects several of the world’s realms – the underworld, the earth, the heavens, while the system of crystals is created from recycled materials! To be specific, these include plastic and metal fractions resulting from the process of recycling end-of-life electrical appliances.

Environmental sustainability is more than just the theoretical and artistic theme of this installation. Using recycled materials, artist Dagmar Šubrtová suggests possible ways of maintaining the ecosystem of life as a counterbalance to the dystopian world of technology and information.

The art exhibition can be seen on Old Town Square in Prague until Sunday 15th October, every evening from 7 p.m. until midnight. Come and take a look! More information can be found here.