3. 5. 2024

The announcement of the winning municipalities in the “We Sort Best 2023” competition took place at the Vysočina Regional Authority office in Jihlava on Thursday, 2 May 2024. “We know the winners of last year’s competition to find the municipalities that are most efficient in collecting sorted waste and electrical equipment. Thank you very much to all cooperating compliance schemes, municipalities and collection companies for their tireless awareness-raising activities and efforts in building and maintaining the collection network, congratulations to the award-winning municipalities, and thank you to all responsible citizens of the Vysočina Region for being so good at sorting their municipal waste,” said Pavel Hájek, Vysočina Region Councillor for Forestry, Water Management, Agriculture and Environment. The competition is organised by the Vysočina Region in cooperation with the compliance schemes EKO-KOM, a.s. ASEKOL, a.s. and ELEKTROWIN, a.s.

The municipalities that won awards for being the best at collecting small end-of-life electrical appliances are as follows:

 Collection of small EEE + batteries via stationary containersyield in kg/person/year
1.Nové Veselí3.51
 collection of small EEE up to 3,000 inhabitantsyield in kg/person/year
 collection of small EEE over 3,000 inhabitantsyield in kg/person/year

The winners in the supplementary competition of the Asekol, a.s. compliance scheme were all awarded the sum of CZK 30,000 from Pavel Peroutka and Daniel Šafář, the representatives of this compliance scheme. Students of the Jihlava Elementary Art School gave a recital on the harpsichord and flute. The ranking of municipalities in the individual size categories of the main competition for 2023, the rules of the 2024 competition and other waste management information can be found on the region’s website at https://www.kr-vysocina.cz/odpadove-hospodarstvi/ms-122276/p1=122276.

On behalf of our company, we would like to thank all who were involved in the competition and sincerly congratulate the winners Your ASEKOL